Programming, 3D modeling, particles & physics for Black Angels. 
Performed by Ragazze quartet, 33one3rd Collective and The Dutch Chamber Choir

"Things were turned upside down. 
There were terrifying things in the air… they found their way into Black Angels" – George Crumb
In times when war and the threat of terrorism have great influence on politics and our society, Ragazze Quartet and video collective 331/3 present the concert programme Black Angels.
Ragazze and 33 1/3 aim – without taking a political stance – to penetrate the system behind the terror. With three works by Benjamin Britten, George Crumb and Arvo Pärt (the latter sung by three male voices from the Netherlands Chamber Choir) the different stages of construction, destruction and reconciliation are shown. Music and video are joined equivalently in Black Angels.
Benjamin Britten String quartet no.1 op.25 in D major
George Crumb Black Angels
Arvo Pärt And One of the Pharisees
October 5 2018, 8.30pm
CC Amstel, Amsterdam
October 13 2018, 8.30pm
Korzo, Den Haag
October 31 2018, 8pm
Schouwburg, Hengelo
March 18 2019, 10pm
Klara Festival, Brussels (Belgium)

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