For Dans Dans Revolutie! (Dance Dance Revolution!), a theatrical installation by Lisa Weeda and Brother Till, I developed the software for synchronous control of mobile phones within the installation and developed a real-time controllable sky-projection system.
In a world where almost everyone is interconnected, and wars and revolutions are documented and displayed in real-time, Anna speaks to the international community from her small village. Together with her baba Yara, she creates instructional videos for the traditional expulsion dance of the Notsjnik, a protector against evil. The number of followers keeps growing, and they continue to share, even as the enemy draws closer—until it stands at their doorstep.
Through phones, a sound decor, and the mythological Notsjnik, “Dans Dans Revolutie” takes you to Besulia, allowing you to follow Anna and baba Yara’s story from an (increasingly less) safe distance. It’s a magical narrative set in the heart of current history.
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