Installation based on the Kaiserpanorama.
The Kaiserpanorama was invented by August Fuhrmann in 1880 in Wroclaw (Breslau) with the prupose to inform a broad audience about exotic journeys. 50 stereoscopic glass slides were shown within 30 minutes. Every 36 seconds a bell would introduce a new image. The inside of the panorama is spinning around like a carousel. In our adaption of the Kaiserpanorama we reconstructed this carousel in a digital way. Through the peekinghole the audience sees projections of  a journey, while listening to a stuttering narrative that tries to justify the journey. How to deal with history? Is there still an activ responsibility? Can you feel ashamed for your heritage? The Kaiserpanorama generates the precarious situation of a live-performance but guarantees a (covid-) safespace.
Performance: Silas Neumann
Video & Software: Wieger Steenhuis
Music & Dramaturgy: Sebastiaan Flier
Design & Construction: Sjef Mols
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